Laughter and Joy

Did you know laughter can improve your well-being?

No joke! According to the Mayo Clinic, laughter has both short-term and long-term benefits. The simple process of stimulating organs with the intake of oxygen-rich air releases endorphins, leading to reduced stress and a stronger immune system.

From poolside renditions of Happy Birthday to non-stop smiles during Zumba, joy and laughter from NECC community members can be heard all day long as they move and connect together.

You know that school is out for the day by the shouts of kids’ excitement as they welcome new friends and enjoy screen-free playtime in After School Time. Who knew some simple carboard boxes could be so fun?!

Giggles and smiles of anticipation fill the lobby each afternoon as swimmers of all ages and abilities head into swim lessons, some for the first time. On Fridays, echoes of laughter and joy mark the time for pooleyball during Water Workout class.

Support from generous donors like you is key to fostering this thriving, inclusive, and resilient intergenerational community in NE Portland for everyone who wants to Laugh, Connect, Swim, Exercise, Learn, and Play.

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