October Artist – Alan Stone

Alan Stone

Alan Stone, lives in the Beaumont-Wilshire neighborhood of NE Portland. Visual art and painting occupy his days nearly full time.  Alan works primarily in  acrylic and gouache on paper and canvas. The human face, people, and flowers make up most of his recent work, often 6″ x 6″ to 9″ x 12″  Alan calls it “human” size art that doesn’t overwhelm  its setting, which he hopes will be in people’s homes. Larger works, often abstract, are rarely  bigger that 3 to 4 feet. Much of his work is for sale at reasonable prices.

Alan Stone, left the business world in 2008, to devote himself full time to visual art. Stone, from Ithaca, New York, drew and painted as a youngster, but majored in radio and television at university in Washington, DC. He began his radio career there and after touring parts of Europe and Asia worked in Michigan, becoming music and program director of a major classical radio station in Detroit. He was an early champion of Bob Dylan, and his radio interview with Bob, is available on several bootleg sites.

Alan moved to San Francisco in 1966 and became associated with the concert scene there. He worked at KMPX and KSAN  at the high point of the new music  and “free form” radio scene.  He painted walls,, furniture and clothing, ad hoc, without thinking of their survival. One of his coats can be seen worn by him in Otto Preminger’s “Skidoo”  “a hippie vs. the mafia movie of no other distinction.

Moving to Portland Oregon in 1970, Stone opened King Harvest Natural Foods in 1971, one of the city’s first”alternative” grocery stores.  Stone also did a radio talk show about natural foods and health. He designed most of the art and graphics for the business . Later, Alan and his wife Carolyn opened Blume, a perfume and alternative make up shop where he managed the business and was the make up artist.

In 1981,  after the closure of Blume, Stone was invited to join the staff of KKSN in Portland an attempt to recreate the free form rock format. After several format changes, and an ownership change, Alan left radio for a career at free lance  public relations, including  working as an editor of a community news paper and voice over writer and announcer for OPB TV,  as well as DJ and program director of K-BACH. Alan also sold real estate with his wife and then spent  nearly 10 years working for an automotive finance company.

As Stone neared retirement,  he returned to visual art  more and more and since 2008 has been painting nearly full time.

Alan Stone’s work  has been displayed at the Talisman Gallery (now closed) on Alberta Street, People’s Art of Portland Gallery  and Mark Woolley Gallery  in the Galleria, downtown Portland.

Alan’s San Francisco day’s  are part of the narrative of “Sixties Survivors” (http://www.sixtiessurvivors.org/)a website with an upcoming film and book due as well “Free Form” radio an upcoming film. His radio days in San Francisco and excerpts from programs can be heard on the website Jive 95.

Reach Alan Stone at artistalanstone@gmail.com for more information.

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