August Artist – Mark Larsen

Mark Larsen

I was born in my mother’s home town and raised in a military family taking me to China, Hawaii, Japan and both U.S. coasts before my father retired and we moved back “home” to Lebanon, Oregon where I finished high school in the mid sixties. I kept the momentum going and “traveled” through the University of Oregon. with several different majors until finding myself in all art classes. Then I hitched and tripped through the rest of the sixties and early seventies until formulating a goal to make a life as an artist.  This led to commercial art, illustration and graphic design, theater set design, coursework in printmaking and jewelry making at O.S.U and a degree in painting from Portland State University. I sold paintings, prints and quick portrait sketches at The Portland Saturday Market.  I spent several years teaching elementary art in L.A. where I began mural and faux finish painting which lasted until the economy tanked. I do commission portraits and easel painting which has lead to gallery exhibitions on occasion.

I discovered the local plein air groups in the recent past and have explored that arena. Art is an area of change, exploration and finding new things and ideas all the time.  As I change my art changes. I’m looking forward to what will come after my trip to China in the fall. It was where I spent my earliest years, now it seems like its time to start all over again.

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