May Artist – Sharen Rees

Sharen Rees is an NECC Member who originally joined the NE YMCA 22 years ago. Sharen actively participates in NECC classes & activities, and can be found in aquatics classes at least 5 days each week.

Artist Statement:

I always wanted to learn how to paint and got the opportunity through Portland Community College. I took a few terms and was asked to join the instructor’s private class. I did join her class, and I have now been painting for over forty years; I still take classes just so I have a routine to keep painting.

I really enjoy the time I spend painting and the many people and friends that came with it. I really don’t like pictures that are the result of some instant technique. I spend a lot of time on a painting; I don’t draw – I just paint and use colors to find my picture. I would never enjoy a painting that didn’t show what I feel and see.

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