October Artist: Amy Lynn Gray


Amy Lynn Gray is a North Tabor resident and an attendee of the NECC’s evening Tai Chi class.

Always drawn to the arts, she is a professional puppeteer, mask-maker, and improv comedian.

Amy loves children’s books, children’s artwork, and bold color. The influence and style of painting puppets, masks, props and sets can be seen in her pastel works. Her early flirtation with cartooning can also be detected in her pieces, especially those featuring animals.

Amy believes in the healing practice and process of art. The end product is a bonus.

The NECC show presents art from three categories: Internal/symbolic, impressionist landscapes, and whimsical animals.

The landscapes presented range from the imagined to the very real, remembered sights from her travels around the West with Tears of Joy Theatre, as well as a few favorite spots in local parks. Sometimes she works from memory — sometimes from a photograph.

Amy also enjoys painting/drawing portraits and pet portraits, and happily takes commissions.

Amy studied art at Mount Mary College in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and has lived in Portalnd since 1992. She has been in a passionate affair with pastels since 2012.

She rides her bike most places, and values an ethic of sustainability. Amy often uses pre-owned frames for her work.

For more information, see Amy’s website: www.amyzingarts.com.

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