February Artists: the NECC Water Color Class

 The NECC Water Color Class – Taught by Terri Dill-Simpson

An interesting thing happened on the way to the gym – someone said, “Let’s use the space at the community center in the afternoon for some non-gym-type classes,” and thus was born an adult water color class! The instructor, Terri Dill-Simpson, had recently retired from a career in security & law enforcement, and decided it was time to try out her teaching degree in Art Education from Lewis & Clark College. The class runs from September through early June, and new subject matter is taken up each term. Here are some of the student’s work currently displayed:

Mary Andrews lives in the Powell Valley area of Portland, and was an ER unit secretary before retiring. She had previously painted in acrylics and crafts, but wanted to try watercolors.

Judith Auerbach originally hailed from England and then Ashland, Oregon. Judith had always wanted to paint and did so previous to joining the class. Her work has progressed so nicely that the class voted her last piece “best in class”!

Rosemary Barrett lives in the Laurelhurst neighborhood with her husband and wonder dog, “Bill.” She is a sailor, retired chef and CAP, and currently a partner in building (literally) a house at the beach with her husband. Rosey is one of the original members of the class, and has gone fro a true beginning to putting together quite a body of reputable work through the seven years.

Bob Belcher, a long-time NECC/YMCA Members, has taken art classes three times in his sixty years of professional livelihood. A former architect, he loves the excitement of using color and seeing form take shape through the exercises in class.

Lauren Ettlin started painting in 2006 as a stress reliever and point of enjoyment. Lauren works for the 4H Extension service in Clackamas County teaching science-based classes. Painting gives her a great outlet for the continual use of her left brain from her science classes. Laurent’s painting is carefully planned; the colors are gorgeous and the drawing is carefully detailed.

Lynda Kotta has been a member of the NECC with her husband Mark for several years. After retiring from PGE, she decided it was time to let her creative side bloom and blossom. Learning the craft of Iris Folding, Lynda created a line of hand-crafted greeting cards. She thought the use of watercolor painting would benefit the images on the cards, and thus started taking the class. Lynda now creates only only her greeting cards, but also beautiful paintings.

Laurel Roberts has been a life-long resident of the Laurelhurst neighborhood and the NECC/YMCA. She began painting about 10 years ago with florals, and recently has begun selling her paintings in professional art shows. Laurel says, “Painting is relaxing for me, and I really enjoy learning how to do something new all the time.”

Jo Senter is one of the newer students to the class, but a member of the NECC and resident of the Grant Park neighborhood for some time. She has been taking drawing and painting classes from various instructors for years. Jo particularly enjoys still life’s and landscapes. She is also a passionate book club member and a Nordic walker.

Terri Dill-Simpson‘s paintings can be found in numerous professional showings around the Oregon art scene. She is active is WSO, OSA, and the Buffalo Grass Society art groups. After finishing a painting she frequently turns it into one of the many greeting cards found in almost a dozen shops in the Portland area. Terri also sells commissions of client’s pet portraits on occasion. Teaching at the NECC after neglecting her chosen profession for so many years has brought a great deal of satisfaction for Terri.

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