Art in the Lobby

July Artist: Vicki Zimmerman

Artist’s Statement

When I moved to Oregon from the east coast seven years ago, I was excited by the new landscape as well as the different colors and light of the Northwest. In my work I strive to communicate the joy I have found in the land forms and especially in the beauty of this region. There is so much to observe when you are painting in plein air. The challenge is to select the important details from the wealth of information in each scene. I want the lights and shadows, shapes, patterns and brush strokes to contribute to and describe the specific site. For me, the painting experience should be immediate – from the squeezing oil paint onto the palette to brushing and blending of colors. When my work is going well, I feel a total involvement and separation from the rest of the world. I hope that viewers of my paintings will be able to stand in my shoes and see what I saw and felt as I painted.

Before moving to Oregon, I taught high school studio art and ceramics in Maryland. Now retired from teaching, I can concentrate on my own painting. The artists I look at as my teachers are: Eduard Vuillard, Henri Matisse and Vincent Van Gogh. Often when painting outdoors I feel the kinship with Van Gogh and continue to wonder and be inspired by the concentration and vision he brought to his art. I continue to discover contemporary artists and those from the past who are original and genuine. I invite viewers of my paintings to enjoy my vision of the landscape.

Vicki Zimmerman

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