Your support is key!

Whether you’re a brand-new participant or have been coming to NECC for years, your support is key in helping NECC to provide programs, activities, and spaces that build individual well-being, strengthen connections, support historically marginalized communities (especially our Black and Brown neighbors), and work to dismantle systems of oppressions.

The last two years have been challenging for everyone, including NECC and the entire nonprofit sector. Just like breaking your key ring, without your support, we face the threat of losing our key programs. But we made a commitment, even when we were forced to close the building, to keep providing critical services, keep focusing on racial equity for BIPOC communities, and keep paying our highly skilled staff.

We offered creative solutions like virtual offerings, outdoor meetups, and Out of School emergency full-day childcare. We continued our work to remove cost as a barrier to access for low-income communities by launching The Community Fund, a revitalized community-funded financial assistance resource, in 2021.

Now in 2022, we continue to offer virtual classes, as well as modified in-person activities to serve and support, while also protecting the health and well-being of staff and participants. Every day, we are excited to see familiar faces return to NECC and to welcome new participants.

Like many families, we are facing a challenging path forward. We have an exciting plan of action and an exceptional staff and Board who are all actively building a strong and inclusive organization for the future.

Our promise to champion equity in all that we do means that, at times, we make a deliberate choice to prioritize removing barriers to access over maximizing short-term revenue. This vital commitment, along with the impact of quickly rising costs and our pledge to provide a living wage and benefits, means that while revenue has increased since we were able to reopen, it does not fully cover the cost of our operations.

As an independent, nonprofit community center, we need your help to remain a vital community resource for everyone in the 12 neighborhoods served by NECC (from the Hollywood District through Cully) who wants to Connect, Swim, Exercise, Learn, Laugh, and Play.

Gifts of any size are so appreciated, and every bit of support makes a difference. Make your gift before December 31 at

P.S. Give $100 or more now through Dec. 31 to receive a limited-edition NECC heart keychain thank you gift!

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