Membership Dues Increasing July 1

June 1, 2024 

Dear Members of the NECC Community, 

In my short time at the helm of NECC, I know what a special place this is.  While the building serves as a gathering place to conduct various programs, it is really the members, participants and staff that forge the underpinnings of a supportive multi-generational community that welcomes all. As the Interim Executive Director, my main charge is to evaluate and strengthen the financial position of the NECC. The board and I believe that being transparent and engaging with our community is vital to enhance the operations and serve our community well into the future.  As part of that effort, I want to make you aware of upcoming changes. 

Five years ago, the NECC was thriving. The organization had built up robust financial reserves and when the pandemic hit, we were in a strong position to weather the storm. We adapted programming, took advantage of federal relief funding, and utilized our reserves to cover the capital and operational costs. During this challenging time, we chose not to raise membership dues, utilized reserves and prioritized accessibility.  However, with this year’s budget also projecting a loss and the consumer price index soaring by over 18% since our last dues increase in March 2020, it’s evident that an adjustment is now necessary. 

In light of these challenges, we have decided to implement a 12% increase in membership dues effective July 1st, 2024. This adjustment will enable us to maintain our operational hours, improve cleanliness, and continue offering our scheduled classes.  

Below are the new monthly fees for each membership category.   

While this increase will help some, it will not cover the entire deficit. This decision is part of a broader effort to secure the NECC’s long-term financial stability that includes growing membership, reevaluating our participation in medical insurance-based membership programs, restructuring our financial support program, and streamlining our operations.  

The NECC was born from a collective effort to preserve a beloved institution, and we remain committed to upholding that legacy. Effective stewardship of our resources is essential to ensuring the NECC remains a community asset for many years to come and we appreciate your understanding as we undertake these necessary changes. 

We deeply appreciate your membership and the connections you have with our staff and other members. The NECC community is unique and resilient. While recovery will take time, our history has shown that we can overcome challenges together, and we are confident that we can do it again. 

Yours in service, 

Bri Slusser 

Interim Executive Director 

Looking for ways to support the NECC during this time?  

  • Donate – Financial contributions are vital to our operations. Your donations help us cover operational costs, fund programs, and maintain our historic facility. 
  • Volunteer – Your time and skills are invaluable. Volunteering at the NECC allows you to directly contribute to the community while gaining rewarding experiences.  
  • Join our Board – By joining our Board of Directors, you can play a significant role in guiding the NECC’s future and ensuring its long-term sustainability. 
  • Spread the word – Share your positive experiences with friends, family, and colleagues, including writing a review for us on Yelp or Google. Encouraging others to join and support the NECC helps grow our community and resources.   
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