Board of Directors

The Northeast Community Center is grateful for the commitment and passion of our dedicated Board of Directors who provide oversight, specialized expertise, and management guidance.

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Board Member Bios

Eunice Noell-Waggoner
Board President (2012)

“The NECC provides an uplifting and positive social connection for me.  Whereas, my professional activities involve conference calls, writing building codes, and out of town travel,  I enjoy the friendship and face to face contact with members, volunteers and staff of the NECC.  I especially love to see the enthusiasm of the children playing basketball or coming to swim, the camaraderie of the AOA groups socializing, exercising, and caring for one another and I enjoy working with other friendly volunteers to make a positive difference in the NECC and community.

I have served on the Building & Grounds Committee since the beginning of the NECC.  This committee is involved in planning, design, and hands-on execution, as well as supervision of contractors.   In the early days, I rented a locker just for my painting clothes.  It is great to see the building still looking good and only needing occasional cleaning and touching up.

I grew up in Bend, OR when it was still a small town.  I studied interior architecture at the University of Oregon and practiced commercial interior and lighting design for 16 years.  In 1992 I formed a non-profit organization, Center of Design for an Aging Society, to address the fact that building codes are based on the abilities of young able bodied people.  With the growth of the older population, it is imperative that building codes include age-related disabilities and sensory loss which is common to the aging process.  I am working with a national committee to have low vision included in the Americans with Disabilities Act.”

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Gary Gibbs
Board Vice Chair (2012)
Board Director (2010)
Building and Grounds Committee Chair

“I grew up in Decatur, Georgia, graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) and hold a professional engineer license in Oregon and several other states. I retired in 2009 after a career that included 21 years at Intel; 20 years designing power and control systems for various engineering firms; and 5 years in the Army (Captain, US Army Corps of Engineers). I joined the Northeast YMCA in 1978 when I moved to the Hollywood area. I mainly take advantage of the aerobic and weight training workout classes where I enjoy getting to know and interacting with other people in the community.

Since I retired, the Center has become one of my main volunteer opportunities where I can contribute my skills and energy to the community. During the times I’m at the NECC doing volunteer work I’m always impressed by how many different groups use the facility. In the course of the morning you’ll see early morning swimmers eager to get in some laps before work, a mixture of young and middle aged people working really hard in the morning boot camp class, mothers depositing kids in the child watch room before heading up to a yoga class, a class of older adults planning their next outing together as they get ready for their Active Older Adult workout class in the gym, a group assembling for the arthritis exercise class in the pool (85 degree F water temperature), and a water color art class. In the winter the Center sponsors a kids’ basketball camp which is really fun to watch the little kids learning to play the game and work as a team.”

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Bonnie Gregg
Board Secretary (2008)

“Bernice aka “Bonnie” Jean Gregg. Having retired from the Portland School District after 22 years as Special Projects Coordinator, and having just lost my husband to cancer, I came to the center (then the YMCA), in 2000 hoping to get fit.  I have been coming ever since, doing stretch exercises with Lynn, aerobics with Kathy and water exercise with Otter. Romping around with friends in the gym or splashing with them in the pool, the years just slip away.  It’s kind of like “recess” for seniors.

NECC serves all generations: babes learning to sign; toddlers playing in Child Care; kids learning to play basketball, swim, play chess, walk on stilts, make airplanes , climb rock walls, etc.; adults  pursuing yoga, painting, pilates, zumba,  etc., families enjoying a Sunday afternoon swim; seniors joining in exercise and outings;  everyone learning tools for healthy living.

NECC is the heart of Hollywood and Northeast Portland. What makes NECC unique is the dedication of our members. Their generosity in giving of their time, talent, and treasure made possible the opening of NECC and their continued support has enabled it to grow into the fine center it is today. They are the reason I am on the board and lots of committees. Doing what you can to help is really a lot of fun when you’re in such great company.”

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Richard Barasch
Board Director (2011)
Membership Committee Chair

“I have been a member of the NECC for over  20 years, including when it was the YMCA.  I swim, and use the sauna and weight room.  I periodically go to the circuit training class and very occasionally go to a pilates class.  I’ve been known to be seen on the basketball court working on my jumper.

I really do love the facility.  I have friends from other parts of my life who come here and have made countless friends over the years just chatting in classes and the locker room.

I decided to become part of the board when I became semi-retired in the hopes of maintaining and improving the center as a comfortable place for members and staff.”

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Christoper Cox
Board Director (2013)

“My family and I participate in a variety of programming like swim lessons, ballet, camps, fitness training, and basketball. We joined NECC back in 2011 and fell in love with the culture. The family-friendly atmosphere and programming include children unlike other area fitness clubs.

I joined the board in 2013 because I wanted to participate in ensuring the quality of programming and culture of our organization for years to come”.

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Robyn Rains
Board Director (2012)

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Lauren Moorman
Board Director (2012)

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Carl Nielsen
Finance Committee Chair & Board Treasurer (2012)

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Dalibor Simlesa
Finance Committee & Fundraising Committee Chair (2013)

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