Outreach Programs

Part of our mission at NECC is to support the people and the work of the community. We do this through sharing our space with nonprofits or helping to organize community projects like clean-ups, informational campaigns, workshops, or even collaborative projects.

We believe that a strong community works together, and that NECC can lead the way through innovative partnerships, meaningful events, and lots of creativity. Please take some time to see more about our programs and find your place in the community through NECC.

Outreach Programs Include:

Albertina Kerr giving tree
The NECC community has donated gifts for the Holiday Tree for children and disabled adults.  Many NECC members have received their “wings” from Albertina Kerr for giving to the group homes.  Gifts range from red colored razors (adult male) to bikes (young children) purchased by groups in exercise classes.

Oregon Food Bank
The NECC community has worked to fill an average of three to four 55 gal food barrels every year.

Portland Rose Festival Jr Parade
NECC has participated in the parade by entering a marching group.  NECC has donated and sent volunteers to ask other businesses for donations for the port-a-potties along the parade route.  NECC volunteers have worked as parade monitors and greeters in the Hollywood area during the parade.

Hollywood Boosters: 
NECC has been a member and sent volunteers for seven years helping with projects such as: cleaning districts flower planters, working on the Hollywood Sandy Plan (citizen’s working group) with the City of Portland Building Bureau & the Get Centered Event, the Third Thursday District Event, the Ten Toes project led by the City of Portland Transportation Bureau.  Many hours spent on local and city projects

Ross Hollywood Veteran’s Parade
NECC volunteers have helped place flags along Sandy Blvd. in the morning before the parade, and retired the colors before dusk that same day come rain or shine.  NECC also supported the parade by having information boards in our lobby. 

Dress for Success:
NECC has participated in a fundraiser asking members to give new un-opened person products such as shampoo, body lotion, toothpaste and toothbrushes, hair brushes, things that women going out on a job interview might need to get ready.

Hollywood Farmers Market and the Hollywood Senior Center:
NECC began the Gleaning Project to secure fresh seasonal produce for needy seniors in our community and continues to bring volunteers to participate in the program.

YWCA-Yolanda House: 
NECC community members have collected requested items for this women and children’s shelter during the Holiday season.


Community Program Partnerships:

American Red Cross 
NECC offers authorized classes for members, the community and business who need training or re-certifications.

City of Portland Police Department
NECC partners with the Portland Police Department to provide free self defense classes for girls and women in our community, Girlstrength and Womenstrength.

World Forestry Center & U S Forestry Department
NECC has offered a free 2-day camp, “Forests Inside-out” for children in our community

Portland Bureau of Emergency Management, Neighborhood Emergency Team
NECC partnered with the Neighborhood Emergency Team to advertise and provide space for lecture about being prepared.  Lecture done by a NECC Volunteer and Neighborhood Emergency Team Member.

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