The Northeast Community Center (NECC) is an independent 501(c)(3) not-for-profit that serves people of all ages. More than a fitness center, the NECC is a place where those who grace our halls exercise, find friends, support the community, swim, play, dance, paint, learn and share their lives.

Since the NECC’s early days in 2006, Board, Staff, Volunteers, and Community Supporters have had their work cut out for them. Motivated by their wise understanding that the community needed a place to come together, supporters forged ahead. The building and the dream were saved by volunteers, temporarily run entirely by volunteers, funded by the generosity of community donors, and driven to succeed through the sheer force of passion. NECC has come a long way!

We now boast nearly 60 employees (most part time), over 100 active volunteers,and a continuously growing and supportive membership and community.

Our roots as a volunteer-run community organization shine through in all that we do, and as we grow, we look back at the work those people did (and still do) for inspiration.


Mission Statement:
The Northeast Community Center’s focus is on helping families and individuals achieve their wellness, recreational, learning, and cultural goals, while being part of a diverse, welcoming community in our historic building.

NECC’s Values: 

Caring:  We care about kids, families, individuals, young and old.  Every program/activity is designed to promote good health, strong bodies, active minds, and a vibrant community.

Inclusiveness:  We value all members of the community.  We endeavor to make the Northeast Community Center relevant to all.

Respect:  We value treating everyone with respect.

Sustainability:  We value the potential of the Northeast Community Center’s ability to provide a long-term contribution to the community’s well being.

Transparency: We value the open and honest exchange of information relating to the Northeast Community Center and our interaction with our members and the community.

Non-Profit: We value the concept of providing the highly efficient use of our resources to accomplish the mission statement and goals of the Northeast Community Center.